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Commercial Hydroseeding

Commercial Hydroseeding Services

Union Hydroseed is a trusted provider of experienced union labor for a wide range of commercial hydroseed projects in California, Nevada, and Arizona.  Commercial hydroseeding is a specialized technique used in landscaping and land restoration projects to establish vegetation quickly and efficiently. It involves the application of a slurry mixture, known as hydroseed, onto bare or disturbed soil surfaces. The hydroseed is composed of a blend of water, seed, mulch, fertilizer, and often other additives like tackifiers or soil conditioners.


Commercial hydroseeding offers several advantages over traditional seeding methods. It allows for rapid and uniform seed distribution, reducing the risk of patchy or uneven growth. The mulch component helps retain moisture, providing a favorable microclimate for seed germination and reducing water requirements. Additionally, hydroseeding can be applied to slopes and difficult-to-reach areas with ease, minimizing erosion and promoting vegetation in challenging terrain.

This technique is commonly employed in various projects  commercial landscaping, roadside revegetation, mine reclamation, erosion control, and reforestation efforts. Its versatility and effectiveness make commercial hydroseeding a popular choice for establishing healthy, vibrant vegetation in a cost-efficient and time-saving manner.


The Process

The process begins with the preparation of the target area, which may involve clearing debris, grading the soil, and addressing any erosion concerns. Once the site is ready, the hydroseed mixture is carefully sprayed onto the soil using specialized hydroseeding equipment. The mixture is evenly distributed, ensuring good coverage across the designated area.

The components of the hydroseed serve distinct purposes. The seed portion of the mixture contains a selection of grass, wildflower, or other desired plant species, depending on the project’s objectives. The mulch, typically made from wood or cellulose fibers, helps retain moisture, protect seeds from erosion, and create an optimal environment for germination. Fertilizer supplies essential nutrients to support plant growth, while tackifiers enhance adhesion of the hydroseed mixture to the soil, preventing washouts.

After application, the hydroseed requires proper watering and maintenance to promote seed germination and establishment. The frequency and duration of watering will depend on various factors such as weather conditions, soil type, and the specific plant species being established. Over time, the seeds will sprout and grow, aided by the nutrients provided by the hydroseed mixture.